Uber Debuts Self Driving Cars

Sep 16, 2016 By Anita R
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The ride of the future is already here! If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Pittsburg - the Steel City, keep an eye out for self-driving taxis. You should see them adorned with roof-top cameras and sensors that will certainly not be difficult to miss.

Yesterday, Uber, the cab-hailing company, put out its first fleet of self-driving cars on the roads. For over a year and a half, the company has been testing the concept at its Advanced Technology Center in the city. Finally it was time to actually see the fruits of the labor.

Though the car drives itself, it is not exactly 'driver-less'. To make it safe and provide an extra layer of protection, a safety driver will ride with the car. The role of the safety driver is to intervene in critical conditions, for example bad weather. So don't be afraid to hail a self-driving Uber. It is not a Halloweenesque car trundling down the road at top speed with a ghost at the controls....

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For Uber drivers, this technology is certainly a matter of concern as they worry if machines will totally replace them. What do you think?