Meet A Fish Scientist: Erin Loury

Dec 6, 2018 By Deepa Gopal
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Erin had always felt pulled in two different directions, drawn by both her love of science and nature, and her love of writing and the arts. She decided to combine the two passions, and studied marine biology. She decided to study fish because they are like a link between people and the ocean, and are an important food source for both humans and marine animals. 

Today, she works with FISHBIO, a fisheries company, as a Communications Director where she blends her passion for science, conservation, and writing. She also works with local communities in Southeast Asia, teaching them how to conserve fish so that they can build a sustainable future for themselves. 

In this three-part series, Erin shares her journey to her career as a fish scientist, what marine biologists do and why it is important to study fish, and finally her work in promoting conservation efforts and educating people and communities.

Read the three-part series here --

A Passion for Science And Writing

Marine Biology: Why Study Fish?

My Work As A Fish Scientist