Meet A Chemist: Emily Hardy

May 30, 2017 By Emily Hardy
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Emily Hardy is a graduate student at Auburn University. She is synthetic chemist in a nuclear chemistry lab where she designs new sensors for uranium.

Uranium is a metal used in nuclear power plants and for weapons, and if it gets into the environment, we need to be able to find it.

Emily has lived in 7 states and 2 countries because her dad was in the Navy. She went to high school and college in Virginia and then moved to Auburn, Alabama to complete her PhD in chemistry.

Even though she moved around all the time, she enjoyed going to school. She always loved puzzles and when she took her first chemistry class, she realized this was a puzzle about why everything worked the way it did. Emily's love for the subject began when she saw the brilliant and colorful flames that burning salts gave out. And there was no turning back. Her passion for chemistry is now shaping her career.

Lets learn about Emily's fascinating journey through the world of science. If you have questions for her, please add it to each of the articles and she will respond to you!