Meet A Roboticist: Frank Dellaert

Sep 27, 2018 By Frank Dellaert
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Frank Dellaert's life changed when he visited a friend at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was working on interesting research projects.

Born and raised in Belgium, Frank had been introduced to computers as a teenager and was fascinated. He went on to pursue a degree in engineering, after which he served in the military as all Belgians were expected to do. When he took up a job at a shipping company in their technology department, he was bored. A visit to the U.S to see a friend inspired him to apply to U.S universities. 

While doing his Ph.D., Frank found his passion for robotics and for a career in teaching. He is now on the faculty of Georgia Institute of Technology, doing some pretty cool research himself, as well as inspiring students.

In this three-part series, Frank shares his journey and how an interest can turn into a career if we are open to and pursue opportunities. He explains what exactly robots do, and what his areas of interests are. 

Read his three-part series here -

Finding My Passion For Robotics

Machines That Sense, Think, Act

My Work: Flying Cameras, Painter Robots