Please Support Youngzine

Dec 13, 2013 By Deepa Gopal
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Dear Youngzine families,

It is that one time of the year when we ask for your help. We hope our young readers will share our request with their parents.

As you know, Youngzine was incorporated as a non-profit earlier this year to keep the website ad-free and accessible for all children. We would like to continue that way, and build more enriching features and content for our teachers and young readers.

However, as we are approach grant organizations, we run into the question - how much have you raised from your community? Grant organizations like to see at least 50% to sometimes 80% contribution from the community we serve.

We are making a very modest request for our first pledge drive, but are still far from it [as you can see from the widget]

We know there are many of you who love and support what Youngzine is all about. We are asking for any amount that you can contribute; it will go a long way towards building our credibility in the eyes of grant organizations. So far we have bootstrapped ourselves, but we need funds to sustain and grow. Please help us.


Our heartfelt thanks to the following Youngzine families for supporting us.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season!


Youngzine Team