Watch Out For A New Youngzine!

Jun 8, 2016 By Deepa Gopal
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Dear Youngziners,

We have some exciting news to share. In the Fall of 2016, we will be launching a newly redesigned Youngzine website!

The new website will look very different from what you see today - this is because we are coming up with a design that can work well on tablets and smartphones as well. We know many of you browse Youngzine on these devices and many teachers have iPads and Chromebooks in classrooms as well. So it was time for us to "change with the times"!

What happened to my UWrites?

We have been working towards this new website for the past year after raising a little money. We are a very small team and could only focus on articles each week and website upgrade activities.This is the reason you have not seen new UWrites. We have received your UWrites over the last year, and are reviewing them. We will send emails to all our readers whose articles have been approved.

To prepare for the launch, we will be taking a break this summer from our popular 'Young Editor' program. In fact, this is the last week for new articles. For the rest of summer, we will be showcasing articles written by our summer editors over the past few years. 

We look forward to sharing the new website with you. Have a wonderful summer!

Youngzine Team


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Poodlelovepop1216 August 29, 2016 - 4:34am

Is it already upgraded now??