We Are On A Short Break!

Jun 24, 2014 By Deepa Gopal
Deepa Gopal's picture

Dear Youngziners,

We are on a short two-week break starting this week, as we gear up for our Summer Young Editor program. 

Since we are a small team, we use these two weeks allow us to plan for website changes over summer, as well as start working with our Young Editors on their first set of articles. Watch out for their bios as we introduce the new team next week!

We will try to post a few News bites, videos, UWrites and perhaps even a new contest to keep you all busy until we are back.

Do you have anything interesting planned for this summer - perhaps travel, volunteering, a fun camp or pursuing an art you are passionate about? Share with other Youngziners. 

Have a wonderful summer!

Youngzine Team