We Loved Your Slogans!

Sep 10, 2014 By Deepa Gopal
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Dear Youngziners!

We were asked why we had not picked a winner for the Youngzine slogan contest here. Truth be told, we did not have the heart to pick any one. Each slogan is special in its own way and reflects what Youngzine means to each of you. And that means a lot to us - you encourage us to do what we do each and every day!

We are sharing a few of your slogans with our larger community of young readers, classrooms, parents and teachers. Perhaps seeing your slogans might encourage more of your peers to try Youngzine!

  • Youngzine: Bringing you the world, one article at a time.
  • Youngzine: Where boring adult news turns into things we understand
  • Youngzine: Transforming young minds into great minds
  • A window for the inquisitive mind
  • Bringing the world safely to the young and curious
  • New information for the new generation.
  • Youngzine: Putting the zing in Zine!
  • Youngzine: Where education is enjoyable.
  • Youngzine: Where real, current events meet young, creative minds
  • Learn Here, Thrive Now
  • Youngzine: Learn your way
  • Youngzine: Education, fun and games rolled into one website!
  • Youngzine-The family friendly site for learning!
  • Youngzine: Pocket of the Imagiverse
  • Youngzine: A safe environment for learning about the unique world around you.
  • Youngzine: Colorful, bright, and entertaining too, Youngzine is the place and the website for you!

What Happened To My UWrites?

We received many submissions from our young readers over summer. Since we are a small team and were very busy with the Summer Young Editor program, we could not respond to you. We are looking at ways of putting up more UWrites each week. You will see some changes shortly - stay tuned!

Youngzine Team