Youngzine's classroom blog feature is a great tool for teachers to introduce current events in school classrooms, and in homeschools. While we call it a "blog", it really is a controlled classroom environment, where your students can discuss with each other or answer questions on an assignment you create. All responses will be visible to you, and you choose whether students responses are visible to the entire class or to you alone. 

If you sign up your students on Youngzine,  you can:

  • Create classroom writing assignments, and have students respond to them, all on Youngzine. Both the assignments and students' responses are private within the classroom. The assignment could be say, picking 1-2 articles and writing a summary. Or, writing their subjective opinion on a topic after reading a specific article.
    • In the Classroom tab, click on "Create New Assignment" and type in the assignment for your class students for that week
    • You can select upto 4 recent articles, as well as the latest quiz for the assignment. Links to these are automatically created in the assignment post.
    • By default for any post, only you can see the responses from children, but you can change that to "Visible to whole class" when you create the blog. This gives you the flexibility to review the children's responses before opening it to their classmates.
  • Have students engage in lively discussions that are visible only to your own classroom (and not the whole world). You could pick 1-2 articles every week, and ask students to discuss in the forum.
    • When creating the Classroom Blog post, choose "Visible to whole class".
  • As always, students are also welcome to make public comments on the articles directly.
    • You can go to any of the students' profiles and see all of their public and classroom comments, responses and activities. 
  • Have students take the weekly quiz.
    • If you go to a student's profile, you can look at all their quiz scores and answers, and even print out the results for documentation.

Sign up today! We at Youngzine intend to keep this 100% free, as we truly believe in this mission of making this more universal!

To get you started, here is a SAMPLE LESSON PLAN based on a news article on Youngzine.  

Visit the exclusive Teachers Forum. We'd happy to answer questions and get your suggestions as well.

Editor and Founder, Youngzine



Deepa Gopal's picture
Deepa Gopal April 25, 2011 - 11:37pm

Great suggestions! This is a very recent feature, and we are looking for exactly this kind of feedback to make it meaningul for educators. Please take a look at the classroom tab now - we have added article links. I will also reach out to you offline to discuss some of the other details in your note.

shebazzle's picture
shebazzle April 25, 2011 - 2:33pm
Love the classroom idea - although at this juncture, seems like it needs to be a little more integrated with the site and perhaps some of its functionality made a little more clear. Difficult to sort out how to add new students to a classroom (I am looking to find a way to add other homeschooled students to a class with my daughter), difficult (or impossible) to edit or delete posts, seems like it should be more seamless to link to an article. Would love to see this developed more, and happy to help as a beta tester in whatever way(s) I can. Cool idea! Love Youngzine!