Youth Op-Ed: A Time To Pursue Passions

May 15, 2020 By Lynn H, Writer
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One Friday afternoon, I was sitting in class, frantically trying to finish a test when the loudspeaker crackled to life.

The principal’s voice filled the room, announcing the start of shelter-in-place. I felt a mixture of disbelief, uncertainty, and a little bit of happiness. How would I learn? How would grades work? When would this pandemic end?

However, when I woke up the following Monday, any doubts I had about quarantine melted away. I now had more time than I ever had in my life! I could get enough sleep every night, study for AP and SATs, and pursue other interests.

The first month of quarantine was wonderful. Every day, I attended a few hours of class, did some homework, and spent the rest of my time reading, gardening, cooking, watching videos, and starting random art projects. Everyone said that junior year would be the hardest year of high school, but I had a ticket taking me the easy way out.

The study and work habits I had worked so hard to build slipped out the door. Before the quarantine, I would come home and immediately start homework. After quarantine started, it was like I forgot how to be a student. My assignments piled up and pretty soon, I was staring right up at an insurmountable mountain of work.

Now, I am rebuilding my work ethic, one assignment at a time. I learned that even though shelter-in-place is more relaxed than school, I am still a full-time student and I still need to devote most of my day to school and studying. This quarantine has allowed me to do things I never would have had the time to do before, but it should not come at the expense of schoolwork.

A few days ago, I worked ten hours straight to finish a research paper. I witnessed the amount of work I can do if I set my mind to it and manage my time efficiently.

Although the coronavirus is terrible, this quarantine has opened up an opportunity to explore many new hobbies and interests. By using time effectively, we can change a horrible situation into something beneficial!


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