History With Harry: The Origin Of EU

Aug 17, 2016 By Andrew Gabriel
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[Continued from Part 1 HERE]

“Y-you…can talk,” Frankie stammered, hands on his knees to keep from falling over shocked, staring at the strawberry blonde and white lab mix beside him. “H-how?”

“Yeah,” Harry replied proudly, sniffing the air. “But onwy when I time twavel.”

Even with the speech impediment that Harry had, Frankie still understood the dog’s words. ‘Time travel’. That’s impossible! “H-How?”

Harry’s head tilted in thought. He almost spoke, but thought better of it. “It does not matta wight now,” he finally said, brushing Frankie’s question aside, trotting through the damp grass towards the house on the hill.

Frankie followed, still half in a daze. OK, so he was now walking with a talking dog…with a speech impediment, of all things…and had apparently time traveled to what appeared like the English countryside.

“So…uh…where…and when…are we,” Frankie questioned.

“Engwand,” Harry said, casually, as they reached the front of the big, redbrick house. “1957.”

“But why,” Frankie asked, trying to understand, as Harry jumped up to scratch on the front door.

“You wanted ta talk ta Winston Churchill.”

Before Frankie could wrap his mind around that comment, the door swung open, and a short, stout elderly man appeared, with a nearly bald head with wisps of white hair, leaning on a cane.

“Yes,” the man asked in a deep voice, before his eyes lit up at Harry. “Harry, old boy! What brings you to Chartwell?”

“My fwiend, Fwankie,” Harry said, tail wagging, as the man struggled to bend enough to pet the dog. “It’s been a while, Winston!”

“Indeed it has, Harry, since those dark days,” Churchill responded in a gravelly voice. “Well then, any friend of Harry is a friend of mine. Please, come inside. Don’t mind the clutter,” Churchill continued. “I’m preparing for a speech on Europe’s unified economy at Westminster in a few days."

"What can I do for you, young man,” Churchill asked, falling into an office chair behind a desk, while lighting a cigar.           


“Mr. Churchill, please.”

“Mr. Churchill…sir,” Frankie continued, as Harry seemed to chuckle. “I’m wondering about the European Union.”

Churchill’s eyes narrowed. “Well, a fine name for what I hope to see established. I’m also fond of a ‘United States of Europe’.”

Frankie took a moment, realizing that he was, in fact, in the past. That the EU wouldn’t be founded for more than thirty more years.

“Why have a…unified Europe,” Frankie asked, careful with his words.

Churchill leaned back in thought. “In my eighty years, I’ve lived through two world wars, and minor hostilities of all kinds. Nothing but destruction…death. Countries choosing sides, honoring age old promises to attack or defend one another, should this nation or that nation attack.”

“Border disputes, national financial crises. Nonsense, anymore. This continent can not survive another world war,” he continued, swatting his hand in the air. “I once told a friend that I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which barriers between nations will be greatly minimized and unrestricted travel possible. Economically connected, socially responsible, perhaps even a ‘world government’. A movement of the people, not the parties. Great Britain would need to lead the charge, of course.”

“Don’t you also think national identity and independence is important,” Frankie asked.

“Of course I do, boy,” Churchill defended, slapping his hand on the desk. “But we must be wary of another bloody European conflict! Another Adolf Hitler!”

[Note: HwH on Brexit concludes in Part 3 -- Stay Tuned!!]