Clean Up, The KonMari Way!

Jan 25, 2019 By Arohi G, Writer Intern
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Walk into your room. Hold the first thing you see. Does it bring you joy? If so, keep it; if not, toss it.

Interesting way of decluttering, right? Well, that’s the KonMari Method, developed by Marie Kondo. 

Her method does not stop there, though. Once you’ve finished discarding, start organizing. While many preach that you start at one end of the room and finish at the other, the KonMari Method states that organizing proves to be more effective if you base cleaning around category rather than location. For example, the KonMari Method suggests that you begin with clothes, then miscellaneous items, and lastly, sentimental items.

So, Does This Work?

Well, about 8 million people think so! She has her own show on Netflix and is on Time Magazine’s list of 100 influential people. More than anything, followers of this method seem to appreciate its effectiveness and the benefits from tidiness. 

What are the benefits, you ask? For one, a healthier lifestyle. As a result of a cleaner room, many people reportedly experienced a better night's sleep. Whether you’re aware of it or not, sometimes clutter around your room can be the source of your stress.

In a study by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people in messy rooms had high cortisol levels; high cortisol levels can trigger weight gain, a slower immune system, and stress. In a clean room, studies have shown reduced levels of heart attack risk and better eating choices. According to a study on the impact of a tidy room on an individual’s eating habits, people in a clean room are two times as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar!

Now, For The Other Side...

If you have a messy room, don’t fret, there are definitely some pros to having some clutter.

Countless studies, published in The New York Times and the University of Minnesota to name a couple, have proven that messiness and creativity are strongly correlated. Take a look at Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs. Their workspaces were nowhere close to tidy! And what came from that? An author whose pieces of literature continue to be taught in classrooms across the United States, a legendary physicist who changed the way scientists approached gravity and time, and the creator of Apple!

So which one is better -- tidiness or messiness? That’s your call to make!

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