Recognize Bullying!

Oct 4, 2013 By Anita R
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October is bullying awareness month. Ask anybody what they feel about bullying and what do you hear? Nobody stands for it! So how come bullying still happens?

Bullying happens in many subtle ways that we may not even understand. Sometimes a so-called 'bully' does not even know that he is a bully. It is an act of aggression meant to hurt and usually happens when there is an imbalance of power - the bully is either bigger, superior in knowledge or desires to hurt another person who is weaker than him; or it could mean picking on somebody who is different either because of their color, size, accent, beliefs, etc. Further, bullies repeatedly use their power against the other.

Watch these two videos and try to identify which one is aggression and which one is not...

Bullying need not always be physical such as hitting, pushing around, stealing, or forcing people to do what they do not wish to. It could be verbal - teasing, insulting, refusing to talk to someone, spreading lies or rumors, or excluding someone from a group. These days with social media, bullying happens even in cyberspace. Being aware is important. Here are some examples of how and when bullying happens.

Remember bullying is NOT COOL. Also if you are being bullied or you find that somebody else is being bullied, recognize the elements. 

There are many ways you can help others as well as yourselves. 

  • Don't look at yourself through a bully's eyes. Arm yourself with self-esteem. It isn't your fault that a bully is picking on you.
  • Stay in crowds. Bullies usually attack when their victims are alone.
  • Ignoring a bully is a great strategy to avoid a sticky situation.
  • Always call for help from an adult. Never have to deal with a bullying situation all on your own.

Watch this video to get some great ideas....