Facebook Reaches 2 Billion Users!

May 7, 2017 By Rachel Catherine
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Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it has reached 2 billion monthly users.

To put this rather large number into perspective, this means that nearly a quarter of the world's population now uses Facebook every month.

As you might imagine, the company’s profits have dramatically increased in the past year as well. What does this considerable success say about the company’s future? And an even bigger question…what does this say about social media in our modern world?

The Future Of Facebook

With an increase in users comes the need for more staff to ensure security on the site. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has disclosed that the company will be hiring nearly 3,000 new employees to monitor the content on the site.

Just because Facebook is growing wildly doesn’t mean they are guaranteed future success. Our society has seen the rise and fall of numerous sites just like Facebook over the past years. In order to keep Facebook intriguing and popular, the site is asking users “what if you could type directly from your brain?”

With Facebook’s brain-to-text initiative, this might become a reality. A set of electrodes will be implanted in the user’s brain in the place that would usually control motor functions. This amazing technology will give you the ability to think about what you want to type, and see it appear on a screen. Not only would this new feature be fun to try out, it would allow people with physical disabilities to communicate in a way they have never been able to before.

The Social Media Craze

Some say we’re more connected than we ever have been. They argue that without social media, there would be no possibility of friendships across continents. They point to the influence of social media in organizing movements for social change such as the Women’s March and the March for Science.

However, others say we live in an alarmingly virtual world, lacking in real human interaction. These people assert that because we are constantly glued to our phones and tablets, we don’t even know who our next-door neighbors are. They discuss the use of social media for cyberbullying and posting inappropriate or harmful content.

So, who is right in this ongoing battle of opinions? There’s no easy answer, that’s for sure. There is no doubt that social media has allowed us to connect positively with people miles away, who we probably wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Yet concerns over the online craze and safety are also a reality.

Here we come back to the idea of moderation. Moderation means avoiding extremes. In the case of social media, it means understanding that it can benefit us, and at the same time, knowing when to look up from our screens and engage in actual human conversations and interactions.

Let us watch as the future unfolds and don’t forget that you have a role in shaping what the future looks like…