Crisis In Syria And The Korean Peninsula

Apr 17, 2017 By Matt B.
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The past couple weeks have been filled with unsettling news.

The United States ordered a bombing against a Syrian base, North Korea is attempting to conduct more missile tests, and China has stationed nearly 100,000 soldiers near the Korean peninsula.

So, what exactly has been happening and should we be worried?

The Situation in Syria/Afghanistan

The Syrian civil uprising has become the longest running war of this decade, leading to the largest refugee crisis. The uprising began in 2011, with protestors calling for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to resign. However, the Syrian leader, with support from Russia and Iran, has taken a hard position against the rebels.

On April 4, the Syrian government dropped chemical weapons on the rebel-held town of Idlib. Around 70 people died due to the poisonous fumes. A few days later, the United States launched its first-ever direct military strike against the Syrian government. Fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles attacked the Shayrat airbase and reportedly destroyed over a dozen military planes. 

The US has continued to flex its muscles in the Middle East. On April 13, a large bomb was dropped in Afghanistan. This bomb is being called “The Mother of All Bombs” due to its size. The target was an ISIS underground tunnel network. Afghan military officials have claimed nearly 90 ISIS soldiers were killed and a large stash of weapons was destroyed.

The Situation in Korean Peninsula

Most recently in the news, has been the growing situation in the Korean peninsula. The communist country of North Korea, led by its dictator Kim Jong-un, has been violating sanctions by the United Nations by conducting nuclear tests.

President Trump has promised that he will fix the North Korean problem and ensure North Korea does not obtain nuclear weapons. North Korea, meanwhile, has responded with the claim that they will continue to conduct research and testing.

Last week, the US navy sent three battleships to the Korean peninsula just in case North Korea should try anything suspicious. U.S Vice President Mike Pence is in South Korea and has visited the country's border with its troublesome northern neighbor.  China has been trying to calm both sides in this conflict. As North Korea’s largest trading partner, China has considerable influence over the North Korean government. 

So should we be worried with all this news? Honestly, no. There have often been high tensions between North Korea and the US in the past, but it has yet to come to war. The important thing to remember here is to stay informed about what is going on in the world, and think critically about everything you hear and learn through the news.