North Korea Stuns The World

Dec 15, 2013 By Anita R
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North Korea is one of the world's most secretive communist nations. Kim Il-Sung the founder of North Korea was a dictator who had established a dynasty of terror and began his dictatorship by wiping out all his opposers. His policies were continued by his son Kim Jong-Il.

His grandson and current president Kim Jong-Un appears to be no different. In events that stunned the world last week, Kim John-Un had his maternal uncle, Jang Song-Thaek arrested and executed.

Media reports claim Thaek was a revolutionary who was plotting to overthrow Kim Jong-Un. North Korea's media is tightly controlled by the government and cannot be trusted. No one knows why Jang Song-Thaek fell out of favor.  

Who Was Jang Song-Thaek?

Jang was, until recently, the second most powerful man in North Korea. He was a well-traveled diplomat who was in charge of the country's economic policy. He had focused on partnership with China - North Korea's neighbor and only ally.

When Kim Jong-Un took over after his father's (Kim Jong-Il) death in 2011, he was a mere boy of 27 years with little experience. Jang, the husband of Kim Jong-Il's sister, assumed the role of grooming Jong-Un to become the leader of the country. 

Rumors of Jang's dismissal began surfacing last week. On Sunday, there were media reports that he had been removed from all posts at a special party meeting and dragged away by soldiers. Four days after his dramatic public arrest, Jang was tried for treason by a special military tribunal, found guilty and executed according to state media. Thaek was 67.

A Reclusive Nation

North Korea has chosen to remain isolated from the rest of the world (check related articles on the right). The country has few friends and limits the freedom of its press. China has been tight-lipped about the dramatic execution and called it North Korea's internal matters. 

The world is especially concerned about the happenings in North Korea since the country has nuclear ambitions. As recently as 2008, the country had successfully tested a nuclear weapon, causing concern among world leaders.

At the same time, millions are dying in the country, according to aid workers. North Korea depends on international aid for its food supplies and its military government has been accused of violating human rights.

The recent events in the country have sent shock waves around the world. The show of ruthless power by the young Kim Jong-Un clearly has the world concerned.

Courtesy: BBC, Time