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Many educators have remarked that Youngzine is a perfect complement to academic material, and can be a great resource for teachers and their classes. Learning through current events not only makes students more aware of what's going on in the world, but also helps absorb concepts better. 

Youngzine provides a safe and private blog environment for classrooms - a constructive, creative and controlled way for teachers to create classroom assignments and foster discussions on current events.

Youngzine provides special features just for you, if you sign up as a Teacher:

  • Each of your classes gets a unique "Classroom Code" that identifies the students in that class. Your students will join the classroom using this code. 
  • For each class, you can post assignments and have students respond. You can include specific articles and quizzes in each assignment.
  • For each of your classes, you will see a report of your student's activities: their comments, assignment responses, points and quiz results.

These are some creative ways in which some teachers are already using Youngzine. 

  • Teachers allow their children to make comments on articles (public comments), take quizzes, rate articles, participate in contests -- features that are available to all.
  • Teachers create custom assignments in their classrooms and have students respond and discuss, right on Youngzine! This is a great way to gauge their children's understanding and foster a discussion/debate between students.
  • Some teachers ask for subjective opinions or ask to summarize an article, as a way to encourage children to think and write. As an example: "What do you think of Oxford English Dictionary's decision to add words like OMG and LOL?"

It only takes 2 minutes to get started: JOIN YOUNGZINE, go the the Classroom Tab, and create your classroom.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know - we'd love to make this work for your class.