Christmas With Sparky

Apr 16, 2014 By Nina, 10
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I was so excited for our Christmas party. I raced around our house. It was filled with the aroma of warm biscuits, freshly picked flowers, delicious brownies, and don’t forget the main dish… turkey.

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rose Cherry Love and I live in my father’s mansion. Every year we throw a giant party with lots of delicious food that Mrs. Oliver, our cook, makes. This year will be no different, except that I get a special present. Our house looks beautiful this time of year. Satin ribbons line the carpeted halls. Mom’s favorite crystal chandelier was suspended to the ceiling. All our favorite family pictures hung on the walls. Every window and stair was polished. I like Christmas because it is the only holiday where you get to stuff your face with food, aside from Thanksgiving at Aunt Kara’s.

“Honey come down here, the guests are arriving.” Mom called, “Our guests would be unhappy if they don’t see our little princess.”
“I’m coming,” I yelled impatiently. “And don’t call me your little princess.” I added angrily.

I hurried down the stairs and hurtled open the great, oak doors. All at once people I didn’t think I knew rushed in. All the visitors overwhelmed me.

“Rosey!” An excited voice that I kind of remember exclaimed over the crowd. It was Laura, my best friend from elementary school!

We ran up the stairs to my room, talked and listened to music. After thirty minutes of chillin’ we were forced to eat dinner with grownups. All they talk about is “Oh, there is a new dog on our street.” or “how is your house remodeling coming?” and corny compliments like “These chairs are so comfy”. Also it’s so noisy you can’t even hear what the diner next to you is saying and there are always those people that have gross eating habits.

Finally, it was time to open that present. I was surprised that there was no box containing my present. He just bounded into my arms. It was a dog! I named him Sparky on the spot because he had so much energy. That is why I had the best Christmas this year, because Sparky joined our family.