Football: Brother vs. Brother

May 1, 2014 By Rishabh, 10
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[Dear Readers, I’m a fifth grader who is obsessed with football! I adore the 49’ers and Ravens, so I decided that writing about them would be fun. It’s rare that the two coastal teams & Harbaugh, brother coach rivals play each other. However last January, they went head-to-head in the SuperBowl! I think the two teams deserved a tie, but unfortunately the Super Bowl won’t allow ties. However, my short story does!]

“Hike!” shouted Colin Rand Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League were battling the Baltimore Ravens. The game was taking place in the M&T Bank Stadium, which was a home game for the Ravens.

Just as Colin received the ball, Arthur Brown, the Raven line backer, charged toward him. A second before Arthur sacked him; Colin threw a bullet through the defensive linemen to his fellow teammate. Wide receiver Jon Baldwin caught the bullet and ran for a touchdown. “One yard, two yards” shouted the announcer. “Just a little more” panted Jon when, BAM!

“Foul!” exclaimed the ref. The Raven’s cornerback, Corey Graham, had just slammed into Jon Baldwin. Ouch. After the commotion was settled, they restarted the play. After the center hiked the ball, Colin did a hand off to running back/fullback Kendall Hunter. Kendall juked the players and got past the “mob”. He made a run for the end zone, was few feet away, and – “TOUCH DOWN” bellowed Colin, wildly waving his arms.

The score was 5-4 when, tweet! The referee blew his whistle to announce that the third quarter ended. Phil Dawson punted the ball to Raven returner Matt Elam, who was “dropped back” by 49ers safety Craig Dhal. The center hiked the ball to the Raven’s second legendary quarterback, Tyrod Taylor and the quick short QB ran ten yards right through the linebacker and to the end zone for the 5-5 final tied score!