A Few Short Poems

Jul 1, 2014 By Multiple Authors
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[We received many short poems from some of our younger or first time writers. We are combining them, as they are a little short to stand on their own.]

Life's Rainbows
By Taylor, 10

Colors after darkness,
is what this world needs,
hope during downpour,
like flowers out of weeds.
We all have a link,
if only we stop to think.
Friendship is what we all know,
these are life's rainbows.

By Naia, 9

The crisp wind blowing against my face
Feet sinking in the sand
Waves steady rhythm going back and forth
As the sun sets colors every where
Reflecting off the water
Coral matching the deep blue sea
Way off in the distance you see a boat
Letting the waves carry it across the water
So Peaceful
So Calm
So Beautiful
The Ocean

By Sophia

Fresh ice melts,
the ice rinks turn to springs.
Beautiful flowers bloom,
no more woolen caps.
Kids running around barefoot,
and oh feel the joy.
no more winter
spring is here.
Happy Spring To All 

By Neha, 10

Sand blows around in the breeze
Sand in the air can make you sneeze
Some sands are black while others are white
Blowing sand stings your cheek like an insect bite
I love to play in the sand at the park
Almost every single day
Look! There's a sand castle! Hooray!