Growing Old

Sep 22, 2019 By Deekshitha, 8
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I was once a tiny baby, copying my elders’ moves

Then I became a toddler, who started going to preschool

After a few years, I was in my uniform, running late for school

After five long years, I was in middle school carrying heavy books


Four years later I was in my civil dress, running to catch my college bus.

Then I had written exams

When I passed, I went to a doctor university

After studying for many years, I become a doctor and behold

My dream had come true and my career had just begun


At the age of 24, I got married to a man named James

I spent 76 years with him and had kids

Now all I can think of while playing with my grandchildren is

“Oh I was once a baby in tiny overalls sitting in my mother’s lap”

I was happy then, I am happy now.

Growing up is not a bad idea after all!