The Joy Of Reunion

May 22, 2014 By Arbaaz, 13
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Long years have carried on,
Desolately dragged
by and by
And despite the time that has passed.
The joyous memories still stand fast
The echoes of laughs now ring in my ears
Instead of a smile, they elicit tears

For contact
with my
friend, brother, and confidante
has died

Our ecstatic meetings
eons ago
brought joy and mirth
that now
I do not know

For it seems my comrade
has been wiped from the face
of the Earth

And now
I can bear it no longer
for I must meet and see
he who has been hidden
from me

Letters, phone calls,
many take place
but we think and wish
for when we will meet
face to face

At long last
a time is arranged
for when we will finally
relive the memories
of our old days

I am suddenly
filled with
worries, premonitions, and doubts
What will we say?
Will meeting each other
ever be the same?

What if we've changed
with age and hardship?
Will there be differences
in our long lasting friendship?

At last the day comes
and I walk to our meeting place
Many faces fill the
room, yet none are

Then in walks
one with a face
that I know
as well as my own
After all these years,
which words would fit?
None, I discover,
as we tearily embrace