Me: A Poem

Apr 28, 2017 By Lily Lotus, 11
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What is special about me?

Who I am

Who I want to be

It's the method behind the madness

Reason behind the irrationality


Being rational is boring

At least it is for me

I am

A girl

Am I special?

Yes to many

I am who I am


I cannot change it

I am

A poet

A writer

An artist

I am someone different

I am said to have to go to a physicist

Do I really?


I am

Who I am

I will not change

No matter who says it

Because I am who I am

Perfectly imperfect

As the person I am

Who I am

It is not a simple word

I cannot answer in a sentence

Give me many, many words

I will tell you who I am

Because I am

Different than you

Him, her, your parent, his parent

I am not athletic

Nor am I sporty

I just like to think

Deep thoughts

And write

Am I strange?


I am who I am