Slave To Guidance

Sep 9, 2014 By Joey, 12
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[A lovely poem about Sacajawea, the daughter of a Shoshone chief, who was kidnapped and sold to a French trader. Sacajawea is well-known as the Indian woman who led Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition to find the Pacific Ocean]

Far over distant lands unknown
Kidnapped, out of the safe zone
I was seen
Barely sixteen
I was now alone

Curse the raiders in my tongue
No more family, terror just young
Tethered, stumbling
Whipped, tumbling
The winds mournful song sung

Sold to a crone in need of young hands
Day and night worked for people of foreign lands
Hatred suppressed, but alone now
Under chastises I bows,
But for freedom, I look over the dusty sands

I catch the eye of the French trader
He plays a game with my captive owner
The fair head wins,
Winks at me, and pins
His prize a girl, to be the wife of a trader

In strange ways, I am set free,
Married to a stranger who freed me
What will happen now?
What more will life allow?
What lies ahead, I cannot see

Unexpected turns were placed
Life is giving me a new taste
Two white men
Wanders too far again
To a new direction I faced

Journeying from the place I call home,
I follow the two white men who roam
Fields west of their country
Seek for a guide, to help them see
As the help they need to survive

If there was I time I was excited
I had arrived now, torch lighted
My heart pounding
Thrilled at a new beginning
The perilous road sighted.

I know the names of roots by heart,
And my eye for wild creatures alert
How to survive without me?
They ask, I feel like a sheltering tree
A journey was finally a-start