Feb 5, 2018 By Laine L., 12
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3rd quarter,


We were leading.

4th down, 6 yards away,

End-zone in sight.

I wanted our team to win so badly.


My fingers numb,

On this windy fall day.

I was excited just like the crowd.

Cheerleaders screamed.

The whistle blew.


I see the flurry of black and gold.

Along with the mix of blue and white.

Gold helmets,

As bright as the day should’ve been.

The quarterback held the ball tightly,

he looked around. I hoped he wouldn’t get tackled.

Without hesitation, he threw the ball,


It sailed in a perfect spiral.

Our team caught it,

He ran toward the end-zone.

The crowd went wild,

I was smiling.

It was number 13,

He scored.