Truly Gone

Apr 8, 2017 By Isabella, 13
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Truly Gone:

White marble slates, 

as far I can look. 

Though seemingly quite barren,

they're all a history book. 

Engraved on each book's cover

is a title, a remembered name

of someone who changed the world;

It'll never be the same. 

Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,

those who have passed on. 

Fighting for our country

In a battle hard and long. 

Their memory lives in us,

in our hearts and in our lives,

for the father has a child, 

and the husbands have their wives. 

Words cannot describe 

the memories we keep. 

They're with us from the sunrise

till it's time to count our sheep. 

Their memories guide us. 

As long as their spirit lives on,

we know deep in our hearts:

They're never truly gone