The Wall Poet Chapter 1

Apr 21, 2019 By Aaryana, 14
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The walls were covered with words, some were stories, some were long novels which seemed to drag far down, coming off the walls and onto the floors.

The room was empty. There was not a bed, a shirt, or a book in sight to show that someone lived there. Just a pen, and an open window which was always propped open- just a bit. But, only someone so, very, small could have fit through such a window. Whoever it was had average penmanship, not too good, not too bad, average.

How do I know? I live in a hole in the wall- I am a mouse, I see the world pass by my eyes.

As night comes closer I slide into the window and pick up my pen and begin to write;
Waits for no- one
Runs, but never walks
Skips but never crawls
Ticks but never talks
The world relies on me
I am the meaning of immortality
I wait for none
For, Waiting isn’t’ fun
You can lose me
You can find me
I am time
Time is money
Time is precious
Tick Tock
I look at my watch; it reads 2 hours to midnight. I have to go. My people will come looking for me, and take me hostage once again. I run off, but not before I notice a hole in the wall. There is a small creature with large eyes staring up at me. I walk towards it, but it runs away. I figure I have a few more minutes to spare; I begin to write about it.
Holds us by the neck
Doesn’t let us take a breath
Sends chills down your spine
Whispers in our ear
Lets us go
WIth a glare
Haunting us with
Every stare
I open the window, making sure it doesn’t creak, and slide out and fall into the mud. I realize then, I must have made a loud thud. I pick myself and scurry away as the moon smiles in the dead of the night.


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WiseCheeringChicken July 16, 2020 - 9:27am
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GREY_HAWK731 September 28, 2020 - 2:47pm
yeah its awesome!
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aary_writes July 23, 2019 - 5:25pm

thank you so much! I'll post more!

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Shanielle Mullings May 8, 2019 - 9:41am

wow wonderful shows the image in the readers head and gives them a sense of whts happening.