What Do I Want To Be? And More...

Feb 11, 2015 By Jacqueline, 12
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Grownups always ask me
What do I want to be?

Maybe I'll be a train,
Or car,
Or an apple tree.

What if I become a cloud?
Floating among a breeze.

Maybe I'll become a mouse
Scavenging for cheese.

I want to be an old brick building
Dangerous for play,
Or maybe something more kid-friendly
Like a teddy-bear,
Or clay.

If I became a jar of paint
What would people say?
Would they frown, and scorn
Cry, and mourn
Or maybe cheer hooray?

I like the idea of a monkey,
Swinging among the trees.
Or possibly a cheetah,
Running with the greatest of ease.

I'll become a computer,
Be as smart as anything.
Or maybe a beautiful bird,
And know all the songs to sing.

I could be a pot of flowers,
Pretty as pretty could be.
Or I'll be swing,
Just be there to please

Maybe I'll be a precious jewel,
A diamond in the rough.
Or I could be myself,
Today that's good enough.


I'm Not a Huge Fan of Winter

I'm not a huge fan of winter
It's blustery, bleak, and cold
I'd much prefer the summer
Where the shines shines down so bold

The snowflakes fall
They land on the ground
The snow piles tall
It's white all around

Oh sure, winter's fun, sometimes
Sometimes, not always
I'd rather it be summer
When I eat hot tamales

I'm not a huge fan of winter.
I wish it would go away!
I'd have fun in the sun
'Till the day was done
And it can come back some other day.


I'm Working on a Poem

I'm working on a poem
It's as plain as day
I'll turn around to talk to you
When I have something to say

I'm very busy writing
So, really, can't you see?
Please just go away RIGHT NOW!
And honestly leave me be.