What I Could Be Doing

May 22, 2014 By Bela, 11
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How to find an idea?
Writing poetry’s not what I want to do.
If I wasn’t doing this,
I’d be spray painting a shoe.

Maybe nagging a sister,
A parent, a friend.
I might journey to where the
Road seems to end.

Maybe going inside my microscope,
And seeing how it works.
Or I’d follow the garden mouse
And find out where it lurks.

Maybe finding treasure with an
Old pirate’s map.
Possibly making amber out of
Sticky tree sap.

I’d gather pillows and sheets,
And create a tall fort.
I would look up the rules of lacrosse,
‘cause I’ve never played the sport.

Go down to the driving range and for hours
I will putt.
I’m actually in a craft-type mood so paper
I will cut.

I want to stroll down to the circus and turn a
Wild tiger tame.
Or I’ll take my bow and arrow and
Work on my bad aim.

I’d go to the aquarium
Or maybe to the zoo.
Or confuse my cat by
Teaching my dog to moo.

Maybe walking in the garden,
Searching for a fairy.
Or I’d just sit and watch TV
Or a movie that is scary.

I’d look for unbroken shells
Out on the Jersey Shore.
Or simply go on a shopping spree
At my favorite store.

I could go practice soccer,
Then buy myself ice cream.
I’ll go searching for fish at the
Little forest stream.

I’ll go to a restaurant and
Become a waiter,
But I’ve still got a whole poem to write-
Oh, well. I’ll write it later.