The Woman Who Has Two Faces

Sep 10, 2017 By Lin, 14
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The woman who has two faces;
is mysterious, with every single secret hidden inside her,

is unknown, with tales of events told about her,

is controversial, with different aspects of personality.
Of course, she is full of mercy and wickedness,

like how ironic was when darkness and light are both involved

Her good aspect;

honored by every affable family,
praised by every wise scholar,
sung by every high voice child.
Her life can be perfect and awesome;

with the calculation to save every cent,
with the intention to have everyone under control,
with the desire to achieve her wonderful dream.

She is affable and beautiful,
trys to grant everyone's wishes like a fairy.
She is grateful and helpful,
pays back everything she owes or takes away.
She is respected and loved,
has an unique voice for others to follow.

She is the queen of every pyramid constructed.
She is pleased when everyone works in her favor.
She is satisfied when everyone does the nice things.
She never wants to have anyone bother her,
but she won't retreat either until people agree.

Those voices are annoying, with endless requests.
Those noises are irritating, with a crowd of difficulties.
Those words are meaningless, with unattainable desires.

The queen just wants to live in her splendid castle,
with every single luxury and delicate possessions.
The castle is made of stones full of fascinating patterns,
the bricks are put together neatly without any space,
and each building symbolizes the greatness of power.

There was her flag,
flying smoothly in the cool and fresh air,
spreading its colorful and ample wings entirely,
dancing like an everlasting angle with flammable spirits.
All the while, she is enjoying with pleasure,
drinking the most expensive tea,
eating the tastiest food.

Her eyes shine with gleaming joy,
while her mouth turns into a bright angle.

Her bad aspect;

demeaned by every despicable criminal,
hated by every poor homeless,
ridiculed by every unruly adolescent.
Her life can be awful and sorrowful;

with the resentment to have everyone pay,
with the experience of being thrown out,
with the failure of an once possible dream.

She is despicable and selfish,
care about no one's emotion or situation.
She is violent and unpredictable,
intends to harm or destroy people's life.
She is ungrateful and competitive,
lets every opposer regret their decision.

She is the prisoner of every kingdom built.
She is sorrowful when trapped inside a dark room.
She is lost when she no longer knows where to head.
She always wishes for someone to remind her,
remind her of the great past she once lived in.

When she was beautiful, married to a handsome man.
When she was hopeful, have a future to achieve.
When she was affable, loved by everyone around.

However, the prisoner is destined to be confined in jail,
with steel shackles around her hands and feet.
The old jail starts to slowly fall apart,
with a broken roof and rusty steel bars,

There was her window,
the only way for her to see the outside world,
but it only gives a narrow view of blurry mountains,
which may stay there or get ruined like all others.
All the while, she is weeping with eyes closed,
having hardly any energy to support her body,
wearing barely any cloth to cover her body.

She lies weakly on the cold, hard floor,
cannot feel, taste, hear, smell or see anything.
With an old face without eyeballs,
her dry mouth has turned into a weird shape.

She is the woman who has two faces,
who represents the rise and fall of great power.