Basketball: Easy or Hard?

Mar 2, 2018 By Erik W., 11
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When you see Kobe Bryant in the finals, swishing a game-winning three, you might want to take your ball to the nearest court and try making that buzzer beater. Ten minutes later, you luckily bank it in. If Curry could do it, then why couldn’t you? After a few minutes of thinking, you finally realize that basketball is much harder than it seems.

Basketball was invented in 1891 when a man named James Naismith threw a ball into a wooden bucket ten feet above the ground. He wanted a to invent a sport that was not as rough and tough as football, but not as easy as fishing or sailing a boat.

When he told everyone, they were hyped up and ready to throw a hard leather ball into peach baskets. Before long, the NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded, and everyone was again pumped to see the pros throw balls into buckets. But not everyone can qualify for the professional leagues…

As a youth, you might have qualities like intelligence, speed, agility, great height, and strength. If you possess these five qualities, that means you’re talented in basketball. Next, you must learn how to dribble and shoot properly. If you can’t do either, your career is over before it began.

If you passed the obstacles of productive dribbling and accurate shooting, SHOW IT TO THE WORLD (maybe not the world, but to the refs and your coach). So let’s fast forward to your senior year at college. You win all your games and become the MVP. Next up, the NBA draft. You join da Bulls, and every practice, you have to, Have To, HAVE TO prove that the new Michael Jordan is here.

In order to be the next Lebron James, you STILL have to practice. Also, if you wanna earn big bucks when you grow up, by shooting hoops and “breaking ankles”, get a four-leaf clover. Just kidding. P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E.