Do You Value Quality Content?

Jul 31, 2019 By Jessica, 14
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Sorry to break it to you, but the video you just spent hours creating isn’t going to cut it when it comes to getting attention on YouTube.

Gaining a large following isn’t just creating quality content anymore. You have to play it smart with YouTube algorithm-the way YouTube works in generating view counts, subscribers, and overall recognition. Creators want to get recognized for their work, but some do it by focusing more on getting views than creating original videos. High views are valued more than quality.

YouTubers do this through “clickbait”, which is the strategy of making videos seem attractive to gain views. Clickbait has flashy(often dramatic) thumbnails and names such as, “EATING 10,000 CALORIES IN 24hrs!!!”, or “WE BROKE UP (EMOTIONAL).”

These types of videos often aim for recognition, not providing the outcome of intentional, hard work(this is not to say that all clickbait videos do this, some are quality, but most are not) It sure does work, but it also has its drawbacks:


Attractive, clickbait themes are often a trend taken on by many YouTubers because they all want popularity. However, this produces many similar videos that are inherently the same, and content becomes jaded. Overused content is being rewarded despite the lack of authenticity.

2. Undeserved Popularity

YouTube is being shaped by attention grabbers into a platform used for gaining popularity, fame, and money, instead of what it was intended for: a way to share creativity.

3. Quality Content Doesn’t Get the Recognition it Deserves

For those that do work hard in creating videos, it’s hard to get recognized because they do not focus on flamboyant covers screaming for your attention. They put their energy into what they love and make it their best work. Consequently, some of these creators have started leaving their roots and what they truly want to do to cater to what people want to see.

Why am I making such a big deal about quality, anyway? It’s because it shows that a creator is genuinely invested in what they do, and real connections form. They’re not just throwing out a video and begging for your click; they want you to experience their creation that they put real care and thought into.

So, the next time you watch a high-quality video, consider and be grateful for those quiet creators that put in so much heart and effort and focus on their work, not the money or fame- they deserve top recognition. Do you value content>clicks?