The Fairy Ring: A Book Review

Feb 11, 2015 By Lauren, Age Unknown
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Do you believe in fairies? If you do, you might like to read The Fairy Ring by Mary Losure. It’s a true story, about two girls, cousins. Their names were Elsie and Frances.

In this book, Mary Losure included pictures of Elsie and Frances posing with those “mystical fairies”. These pictures have an air of mystery, and enigma. This will certainly intrigue curious minds to find out more behind these dreamy faces of youthful cousins. 

Ever since she was a little baby, Frances had dwelled in Cape Town, South Africa, where she was used to the hustle and bustle of life. Her parents had often told her about the wonders of Great Britain and she listened with her mouth agape. Frances wished the Great War would end soon, her father was fighting in it, and she missed him from home. When the family finally arrived in England, Yorkshire, Cottingley, she found out that everything was different from the lively tales her parents had told her.

She then stayed in her Aunt Polly’s cramped house, with the piano and potted palms, with her cousin Elsie. Elsie was a good deal older than Frances, eighteen years old, while Frances was only nine. Elsie adored painting, and her masterpieces were stashed under the bed in an aged cookie-box. At the back their house, there was the “beck” or waterfall!

This “beck” would change Elsie’s and Frances life forever. Frances often went to the beck and would enjoy sitting on the bank for hours, watching her favourite tree the willow swaying in tune with the gentle breeze and the little brook a-rippling; while the little waterfall tumbled down in folds of white. One day, Frances thought she saw a leaf on the willow tree twitch. Then she saw a little man leap down with a group of his fellow friends, break a branch off the willow tree, and leaped out of sight behind a leaf…… who was this little man?  A gnome?

Frances and Elsie both got tired of the frequent teasing from her parents about seeing fairies at the “beck”, they decided, once and for all, to take snapshots of these little creatures as a proof for their parents. 

With a twinkling of an eye, the photos became a worldwide sensation. People who opposed fairies and thought them as children’s stuff had a second thought and stroked their chins thoughtfully. Are the pictures a hoax after all? If so, Elsie and Frances would have fooled the world. Read the book to find out.

This book is great for all ages. With its lively entrancing beginning that will hook you in, and its feeling-winning ninety-nine pages, The Fairy Ring by Mary Losure is sure to win your adoration.