Gadgets Unplugged: A World of Board Games

Apr 4, 2018 By Anushka V., 11's picture

Roll the dice, spin the wheel, move the player pieces. Board games are a fun way to spend time with family while challenging our brains with gripping tactics, problem-solving, and cooperative gameplay.

It is studied that playing board games regularly, reduces risk of diseases and improves brain function. So during the weekends or holidays, instead of laying on the couch, gaping at a 70-inch screen or a video game, open up a board game and play with your family and friends.

History of Board Games

You must be wondering: What was the first board game invented and which clever mind created it? The first board games were during the prehistoric times when people etched symbols and letters into the dirt. However, the first game we have clear evidence of is Senet.

Senet is a game from ancient Egypt and it is said to be most similar to the modern game of backgammon. The game board had 30 squares laid out in three rows of ten and some squares had symbols that represented good or bad fortune which impacted the gameplay. The movement in the squares was decided by throwing sticks. The winner had to get all of their pieces off the board.

Board Games Today

The total number of board games is an uncountable number, but each year an estimated 10,000 board games are sold. Some of the most popular board games are Ticket to Ride, Chess, Lords of Waterdeep, Risk, Carcassonne, and Scrabble. Board game cafes are getting increasingly popular.

Personal Board Game Experiences

My favorite board games are Monopoly, Uno, Code Names, and Othello. During summer, when my grandparents visit us, our favorite pastime is solving puzzles and playing board games. We have had so many hilarious and memorable bonding experiences. I remember our joy when we finished our 1000 piece puzzle, and the fun we had competing with each other in board games.

Clearly, board games should be made as a family ritual, creating loads of memories.

Interesting Facts

  • The longest game of Monopoly lasted up to 70 days
  • You are most likely to win Connect Four if you play first
  • While a retired school teacher was recovering from Polio, she invented Candy Land.