How Kids Can Share Big Ideas

May 21, 2012 By Will, 10
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Kids don’t have a voice. They have no way to share their ideas. They can’t vote. TEDx Youth is a locally organized and licensed TED event. TED is an annual conference that brings together big ideas. TEDx Youth events are local conferences that bring together big ideas from, and for kids. They inspire kids by giving them a way to share their ideas with the world.

“Age is but a number. You’re not too young to change the world.” – TEDxYouth Speaker Jamaal Nelson

There are multiple ways to become involved in TEDx. The most obvious way is to become a presenter. Another way is to attend an event. And lastly, you can become a TEDxYouth Reporter. A TEDx Youth reporter is a kid (or teen), who’s job is to take pictures from the event and tweet them, and send updates on what is happening at the event, interview some of the presenters, and write articles about the event. And that’s what I decided to be.

There are different ways to become a TEDxYouth presenter. For some events you have to apply, and others select presenters. But if you do something big enough, you might just get invited to present.

I found some tools that are useful for TEDxYouth Reporters. One is Tiziano Project, which helps people become reporters in under-reported areas. I found that the tutorials where the most helpful.

TEDxYouth events can be held at any local theater, collage, high school or Anywhere else in the world, but they are always Held on Universal Children’s Day.

You can go to the TEDxYouthday website to learn more.