I Am Phillis Wheatley

May 22, 2014 By Emily, 11
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Hello, my name is Phillis Wheatley. I am one of the first slave poets.

I’m a girl with a dream to see my mother again. I have a mental picture of her in my mind. Once I went to read a poem that I wrote in Mr. and Mrs. Fitch’s house. Mr. Fitch was the man who kidnapped me and took me away from my mother. He brought me here to the Americas to be a slave.

I got my name Phillis Wheatley when I was bought by the Wheatleys at the age of eight. They decided to call me Phillis because the name of the boat that brought me here was named Phillis.

Mrs Wheatley noticed I was intelligent and instead of treating me as a slave, she educated me in English, Latin and Greek literature and mythology. I wrote my first poem when I heard about Mr. Coffin & Mr. Hussey’s voyage from Nantucket to Boston, where they almost drowned at sea. It was published in 1767.

I also wrote a poem called “To The King's Most Excellent Majesty” addressed to King George III of Great Britain. It was about the stamp act. I got the idea after seeing citizens protest against the stamp act.

I supported America's fight for independence. I dreamed of being free. But I never was. ;(

[Phillis died when she was only 39 in 1784. It was also the year of her last poem named, “Liberty and Peace.”]