Pokemon Go: Not Without Its Risks

Jan 11, 2017 By Erik W, 10
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Nowadays, many video gamers play a newly released addictive game called Pokemon Go. It quickly jumped to the number 1 app in the game store, and became colossally famous.

In fact, it took away almost 20% of NIntendo’s market value. Created by the company Niantic, more than 15 million downloads occurred within one week after release. Pokemon Go earned thousands of “likes” from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The game lets you catch 151 types of Pokemon, and you battle with them in Poke Gyms. Places called Poke Stops allow you to tap a cube, then spin a circle for items such as Pokeballs, eggs, egg incubators, raspberries, potions, and revivals.This augmented reality game took the world by storm!

The reason why Pokemon Go took the world by storm was because it captured the imagination of virtual and real gamers. Twitter users commented that the game helped them socialize and enjoy fun groups. Some remain at home unable to play with friends, so participating in this game may help let them socialize. Because one-third of Americans suffer from obesity, playing Pokemon Go helps them lose weight because it involves walking. Most video games require gamers sit to inside without fresh air like a couch potato, so Pokemon Go helps them venture outdoors, breathe some fresh air, and exercise. The game helps many people play video games while walking or running.

In order to play the game, there must be a GPS. Employees at the original development company Niantic may be able to track you down with a monitoring device. In addition, individuals might think “The game is the real world! Not the other one!” Indeed, there have been accidents and deaths when playing the absorbing game.

Then there is the threat of being targeted by thieves and pickpockets. Why? Players are so absorbed in the game that thieves can take something valuable from them when they are unaware of the danger. Also, if you and your friend are playing that game and somebody has a gun and is shooting, you might not notice because there might be a Red Gyarados in sight.

Lastly, Pokemon Go can use up a lot of bandwidth. Bandwidth is when a person’s Wifi is so clogged up that it cannot be used. In order to play, you need to walk, so the game records every step you take and puts it as part of your data. 

I think that because of these issues, Pokemon Go’s stock market value will soon drop. If people are smart, they would look at a majestic sequoia instead of having their nose touching the rim of their smartphone. Clearly, I would not like this game very much.