Protecting Earth

Oct 22, 2019 By Taran, 11
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Ever since the modern era began,  or even further back, keeping our world clean has been a big problem.

Global warming and pollution have taken a toll on earth, and I think we should stop. For example, I saw places where there was so much trash and rats piled up in an empty lot. If we don’t do something now, who knows what will happen in the future.

The greenhouse gases that come out of our cars are disturbing the ozone layer, which is responsible for keeping most of the sun rays out, so we need to find a more efficient way of getting energy.

A long time ago, I watched a video where they talk about the ineffectiveness of solar panels and they were inventing a solar panel coating based on a moth’s eye, which can absorb even the tiniest amount of light. This coating would increase the energy generated by solar panels. I think this might be a good idea because if we coat every solar panel with this, we could absorb so much more energy.

Teslas and other cars like it should also be used more, especially with the more affordable Model 3 now. We could also go geothermal like Iceland -- most of Iceland runs on geothermal energy, which is basically extracting energy from heat. There is a Supervolcano in Yellowstone Park, and if we added a generator there, we could get a lot of energy.

Most importantly, we need to take care of the amount of plastic we throw away. In order to make plastic, we need to drill for oil. Drilling for oil means disturbing habitats. This is taking a huge toll on our environment since plastic could take up to 1,000 years to decompose!

An ingenious solution to this is to make your own plastic at home! Potato plastics are an easy DIY way to make cutlery, packaging, and other things. The best thing is that it will degrade in about two months, and it is extremely cheap to make. We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels because if we don’t, it’s estimated that we will run out of oil in only 53 years!

We should work harder to ensure that Earth will be a safe place for many generations to come.