Realm of the Mad God: Try it, You'll Like It!

Jun 29, 2018 By Benjamin, 14
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Realm of the Mad God is a simple, yet fun medieval fantasy video game. It is known for its two-dimensional, pixelated graphics, like another E-rated hit game, Minecraft. First, you must register online by providing your email and have a mouse. Realm of the Mad God is the best multiplayer online game because of its dozens of epic dungeons, battle gear, and cool seasonal updates.

History: Dungeons or Die!

Wild Shadows and Spry Fox Studios first created this game. Soon a top seller, many new players joined the game from all over the world. In the game, different portals leading to different realms spawn in the nexus, or “safe” home base. Players enter the realms and find an endless amount of creative monsters. Those monsters could “drop” portals leading to  dungeons where they died.

The game seemed as if it had an endless amount of dungeons. However, the fan community grew so large that all the dungeons were discovered, and slowly, players began to feel bored.

Wild Shadows took complete control over the game and added cool new dungeons, which pleased both new and old players. However, Kabam Gaming offered Wild Shadows a vast sum of money for the popular game, and Wild Shadows accepted it.

Disappointingly, the new company failed to add any new features or capabilities, and the veteran players once again became increasingly bored. Savvy gamers stopped playing, and Kabam slowly realized that the game was not profitable. Instead, they sold it to Deca Gaming, and it remerged as a huge success. Deca added new dungeons, and continues to do so today. Each realm had additional monsters, from statues to genetically modified bees, that drop portals leading to various dungeons, such as the “Mountain Temple” or the latest dungeon, “The Lost Halls.”

Deca Makes the Game Addicting

Deca also added new exciting battle gear. The highest tier of a weapon was twelve, but new tier thirteen items were recently released. Players flocked to The Lost Halls, which contained those items. A few collected the items, some gathered other valuables, and others died in their failed efforts to secure the new gear. The limited supplies only made the new tiered items more valuable because they were extremely scarce.

Deca also added new skins (which change the look of your characters), especially limited editions. For example, the headless wizard is only available during Halloween, and players have to complete quests in order to achieve the skin by playing on servers in that period. Other skins were available in lotteries.

The biggest addictive update that Deca made was adding daily login rewards. Every day a player logins in, that player get better and better “free” items. Since Deca’s takeover and incentives to play frequently, a huge surge of players could be found in the nexus. New coveted items will be periodically released in the future,

Finally, the seasonal updates helps make the game so interesting and so entertaining. For example, during Winter-mode, items, such as snowballs, snowflakes, and snow castles are added. Gamers in the nexus enjoy snowball fights, make snow castles, and consume snowflakes. In the nexus, two fountains that would heal one’s character were changed, too.

Now, any character can ski on the fountain. Inside the realms, monsters were changed, too. The beer god transformed into Santa, while ent ancients, evil trees, transformed into Christmas trees. Deca also changed the dialogue. Instead of ent ancients or Christmas trees shouting “I AM THE FOREST YOU WILL DIE,” they cheer “HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.” The game includes new seasonal weapons such as ice swords, or gear such as frigid cloaks. The seasonal updates in this game makes it constantly exciting, even to veteran gamers such as myself.

Deca developers continue to make this game incredible, challenging, and engaging. Now that they’ve got a proven formula of endless dungeons, constantly refreshed gear, and fun seasonal updates they should continue to grow loyal fans. Hopefully, Deca keeps this game and continues the old Wild Shadows legacy.