Rick Riordan's Percy and Annabeth: Relatable Heroes

Jun 24, 2017 By Erik
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In Rick Riordan’s pair of five-book fantasy series, two characters stand out from the rest: the protagonist Percy and his best friend Annabeth. Despite the heroes’ different genders and physical appearances, they are more alike than different in character and motivations.

Because he completed his quest to save Mount Olympus and defeat the evil Titan Kronos, protagonist Percy Jackson is the most prominent hero in this saga.

Born in 1993, Percy Jackson has became one of the most popular and beloved characters of our time. His mother, Sally Jackson, and his father, Poseidon, produced a half-blood (half-human and half-god) son. Percy's personality became much more serious when searching for Gaea, or Earth. Before his search when he hadn’t lost his memories, he joked around, had fun, and seemed unaware of the dangers in his quest. After, he learned that he concentrated better when not joking or having fun.

Teenage Percy has green eyes and black choppy hair, and is fearless when it comes to confronting demonic deities. Although sometimes rude, deep inside he is always content. Like most demigods, he is dyslexic and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Why? Half-bloods are hardened for battle, which means they can’t sit still and write five paragraphs about their summer.

His only safe place is Camp Half-Blood, where all half-bloods go during summer or even for their whole lives. When they are thirteen years old, their godly scent attracts many monsters. However, this camp has magical borders that protect them from ground and air assaults, so they need not worry about dangers.

Percy’s fatal flaw is never giving up on his friends. He does not leave anyone behind, even if it means he could die himself. Although Percy is a brave, natural leader, he cannot control his anger when seeing others being bullied, or Dionysus (camp manager) or Hades make eternally annoying comments. In Percy’s school, he is one of the “uncool” kids because he hangs out with unpopular students like Grover and Tyson (a satyr and a Cyclops).  

Percy’s sword, Riptide can cut through many people, but not mortals, since the blade is made of Celestial Bronze (an ore found on Mount Olympus). When Percy’s memories were stolen by Hera, queen of the gods, he unfortunately developed a wolf stare, which made it look as if the man or woman he was looking at was “better” than him. Percy also has a well developed sense of justice, especially when he sees his mother married to Gabe Ugliano, Percy’s ugly, abusive stepfather (she hates him).

Also born in 1993, Percy’s best friend Annabeth Chase is a wisecracking leader and a studious girl. Her mother, Athena, and her father Frederick Chase, gave birth to her in a peculiar form. She came out of her mother’s mind, just as Athena did. Before she went on quests, she never came up with plans in games at the camp. After she was assigned to quests, she started using her mind to think of plans and defeat the enemy.

Annabeth is extremely intelligent, brave, stubborn, and thinks on her feet. Annabeth has curly, blond hair and gray eyes. Thalia and Luke (older demigods) found her after she ran away from home when she was seven. Eventually, all three were picked up and brought to Camp Half-Blood by Grover the satyr. She thinks of Thalia as a sister and has admired Luke ever since she met him.

She dons a ponytail and an orange shirt, and uses a bronze knife to fight. She also has a New York Yankees hat that when she puts on, makes her invisible. Percy becomes one of Annabeth’s friends, but they annoy each other a lot.

Annabeth is obsessed with becoming an architect. In book five of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Annabeth gets to rebuild Olympus after the assault by Kronos, which was exciting for her. 

Because of the skirmish between Arachne and the goddess, Annabeth has a great fear of spiders, like all children of Athena. Her fatal flaw is hubris, which is excessive pride or confidence. Just like Percy, she is both dyslexic and ADHD.

Although the dynamic duo differ as students and in their belief in Luke’s redemption, they share the same personality, characteristic, and life goals.