Riordan's Third and Final?

May 1, 2018 By Erik W., 11
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This is it. The Ship of the Dead, from Rick Riordan’s extraordinary “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” adventure series, has been released as the final book!

When the ancient Norse god Loki is about to sail off to a nearby world to find the ship Naglfar, Magnus needs to stop them to prevent Ragnarok, the event that leads to the end of the world. Will they succeed?

Challenged and Battered

First, Magnus is taught by Percy Jackson (yes, the Greek guy) to fall off the mast of a ship and… not die. Magnus, the protagonist (*cough*, not really, *cough*) succeeds. After lunch, he decides to head over to his deceased uncle’s mansion with his einherji friend, Alex Fierro.

In the foyer, his buddy finds a fresh wolf carcass and uses a garrote to decapitate a caged wolf. Before Uncle Randolph died, he wrote his will, which specifically explains to Magnus that he must to find Uncle Randolph’s “writings.” Magnus eventually finds what his uncle told him to search for, and reads the strange, intricate details.

Two hours later, Magnus and his friends sail on the “Big Banana”, the intensely yellow ship given by his father Frey. When they voyage to Long Island to pick up their besties Blitzen and Hearthstone, they suddenly get caught by Aegir and his nine deranged daughters. After barely escaping with the help of Njord (god of the sea, a.k.a Frey’s daddie), they attempt to find the Mead of Kvasir because it was required in the trip to Naglfar.

Da Book To Read!

Goodreads rates this final novel 4/5, while DOGO Reads rates it a perfect 5/5. Why? It is gut-bustingly funny, with snarky remarks and embarrassing gaffes by all. With Riordan’s mass amount of sensory details, you can also instantly visualize the countless cliff-hanging scenes.

Not just that, The Ship of the Dead is an I-can’t-stop-reading book, with non-stop thrilling action and a breathtaking pace. My ranking? 5/5, so DON’T MISS this witty, playful, and engrossing adventure novel. Riordan saved the best for last.