The Universe At War - Part 2

Sep 6, 2014 By Azadi, 10
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[Continued from Part 1 here]

Commander Shark said into his headset, “We will be landing on that far off golden planet over there.” He indicated with his hand. “Our life detector has detected some kind of life form.” 

“ALIENS!” Bill, Larmer, and Forod said together.

“Probably,” said Commander Shark, “And if they are, let’s hope that they’re friendly.”

“Well, I’d better go make some weapons in case they aren’t,” said Larmer, and off he went.

“And I’d better go practice some jokes in case they want entertaining,” said Forod.

“And I should just hope that they’re friendly,” said Bill, and they all laughed.


On that far-off golden planet, which was actually called Zozogozoko, the aliens, who called themselves Zozomonoz, were very agitated. They had seen an enemy ship approaching. 

The aliens were developing a top-secret weapon. They called it the , and if you zapped someone with it, their whole race would be on your side. The only problem with the weapon now was that the race that was zapped would lose all their weapons, armor and become mad. The commander of this project was called Melza. And, as he watched the enemy ship approaching, he wished terribly that they had finished making the Cover. 


On board the spaceship, all of the spacemen had seen at first glance that the aliens were not friendly. In fact, they looked ready for war. There was an alien raised on a platform pointing something that looked like a laser gun at them. Larmer took one of his spears that never missed and, with his spacesuit on, he stepped out and aimed it at the Cover. He threw and Melza shot. The spear hit the Cover and it fell through space, lost. But the Cover had done its work. It had zapped Larmer and the whole human race was now on the Zozomonoz side. 


Back on earth everyone was feeling weird. They didn’t know  that this was because Larmer had been zapped but they did know that they had to fight with aliens called Zozomonoz against aliens called Lifs. They all rushed to the rockets, for the whole world had started making them as soon as Commander Shark and Commander Whale’s rocket had taken off.

There were 101 rockets and all of them reached Zozogozoko safely with Larmer’s instructions. The Universe was at war.