Why I Love Minecraft

Oct 14, 2014 By Emily, 11
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Minecraft is a game that involves lots of creativity. You get to create and design things like your house and your world. There are many things you can create on minecraft, for example, a castle, a pool, a volcano, and a portal to a different dimension.

There are two different portals. There is the obsidian portal, and the ender portal. In the ender portal you have to fight the ender dragon and defeat it or you die and restart. In the obsidian portal, you can fight all types of shrieking and exploding monsters. But DON’T LOSE YOUR PORTAL, or you will need to rebuild it and you will end up in the past.

You can also create your house with diamond blocks and put lava over it and only you can get in it. You can decide if you want to be creative where you can fly and do anything you want, or in survival where you have to collect items you will need and you can't fly. Also you can die if you are in survival. You can also explode things with the TNT block. You get the TNT block and put fire on it and wait. Then you will see lots of smoke. I forgot, don’t stay close to it when it is blinking white.

There are also eggs you can find in your inventory. There are creeper eggs, zombie eggs, wolf eggs, squid eggs, silver fish eggs, and slime eggs. There are some others that I don’t remember but those are most of them. You can get a bone in your inventory and tame the wolves so they can be your pet dogs. Then you can make them love you by hitting them with stick from your inventory.

If you don't like the song it comes with, and want to change it, you can put a jukebox and get a CD from the inventory and plug it in. Then the song would change and you can choose a new one you want.

There are many other things you can do in minecraft like, fight monsters like zombies, zombie pigmen, spiders, cave spiders, skeletons, endermen, blaze, ghosts, magma cube, slime, wizards, creepers, silverfish, and mobs. Those are just a few of the monsters. There are still many more. You can also create sculptures of things like snakes or monsters. You can find out how to grind a pig so that pig poop comes out and you can collect it. You can also figure out cheats to get cats on minecraft and you can figure out how to make monster mobs, or make yourself a mob.

The game is a lot of fun, and I bet you will get very addicted to it just like me. I love minecraft and I hope you do too!