The Wind On The Moon: A Review

Jun 7, 2014 By Lauren, 8
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Eric Linklater’s The Wind on the Moon is a fantasy classic for people of all ages. It is filled with twists and turns that you can never put the book down.

The story starts in the town of Midmeddlecum, where Major Palfrey is packing up for war and sees a ring on the moon peeking out ominously from dark clouds. He warns his daughters, Dinah and Dorinda, to be careful with their behavior or else a relentless icy cold wind from the moon will blow into their hearts and make them naughty and mischievous for a long time to come.

Dinah and Dorinda were a very mischievous and clever pair. The wind on the moon did blow into their hearts, making it hard to behave properly. Becoming greedy, they ate everything from pie to steak to quadruple layer cakes, blowing themselves up like balloons. One day, the naughty sisters find that they cannot walk nor skip, but have to be pushed along by Mrs. Palfrey (Their mother), and Mrs. Serendip (Their governess). This is just one of the many hilarious scene and surely, my favorite part of the book. Being taken out for a walk -- rather for a roll, the village kids think that Dinah and Dorinda are huge balloons and poke them with pins, trying to see if they would pop, Instead the sisters cry themselves thin.

Bubbling with revenge, they receive a “turn-you-into-anything” potion from the local witch called Mrs. Grimble. Turning themselves into kangaroos, they terrorize their town Midmeddlecum with glee, but what they did not count on is being put in the zoo. During their stay at the zoo, they solve a mystery that baffles them greatly. Luckily, they escaped, earning two new friends, a golden puma and a silver falcon.

Once they turned themselves back into humans, they discover a hair-raising letter in the mail. Dinah and Dorinda learned that their Father was in a deep, dark dungeon in Bombardy, captured by the evil tyrant Count Hulagu Bloot. With their animal friends and Casmir Corvo, Music and Dancing teacher, Dinah and Dorinda set out to free their poor Father. But things don’t turn out as expected. They get trapped in the dungeon themselves.

I encountered lots of interesting characters in this book. I loved all of the characters, except the evil purple-lipped, cold-hearted Count Hulagu Bloot, tyrant of Bombardy. The people of Bombardy were a kindred folk, who became miserable and horrible too, all because of the evil Count Hulagu Bloot!!!

The two main characters in the story are Dinah and Dorinda. The former is a kind, clever, and mischievous little girl with two gold-colored plaited braids that quivered slightly whenever she laughed. Dorinda, the latter is another of my favorites, with two black ebony-colored braided pigtails, that bobbed up and down whenever she grew too excited. On the day their Father was packing up for war, the sisters thought that they could help fold up clothes into luggage. They rolled all clothes into long sausages, to save space. This was obviously not taken well by their father.

Eric Linklater was born in 1899, in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. He was educated in Aberdeen Grammar School and graduated from Aberdeen University. Eric Linklater wrote 23 novels, 3 volumes of stories, 2 books of verse, 10 plays, 3 autobiographies, and 23 books of essays and histories, including The Wind on the Moon, a children’s novel, which won the Carnegie Medal, and was thought to be written just to entertain his 4 children. His full name is Eric Robert Russel Linklater. He died in 1974.

This book is really one of the interesting books I have ever read and I recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and comedy. This is the book which has words spun by threads of inspiration, interests, and cleverness, all put together into one. People who have read” The Last of the Great Whampoodles,” and Enid Blyton’s “The Faraway Tree Stories,” will savour this book like the good old favorites.