Back To School Blues?

Nov 14, 2018 By Grace, 9
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It's back to school day. Got new clothes, pens, notebooks and more? Ok, done!

“Come on, you are going to be late for the bus,” shouts your mom from upstairs. All those summer months seem like a day! Oh no! The first bus apparently left without you. Looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Everything is wrong!

But what are the pros of going back to school?

When you climb on the bus you see your best friend Ava. You sit right next to her. You haven’t seen her for the whole summer!

“I love your new watch!” Ava tells you as she notices. You notice she has a sparking new necklace that shines in the light. Then Elizabeth, another of your friends has new everything. New shoes, new jewelry, new jeans, new shirt, etc. She has even curled her hair! “Wow,” you stare at her. She is sporting a cooler newer look!

After you hop off the bus, you head to class. You have a new teacher. She seems much nicer than your old one. She distributes candy on your first day!

“Hello, I am Ms. White. I will be your teacher this year,” She runs through rules, who she is…

RING! Recess!

“Hi, are you new, too?” a shy girl stammers as you head out to the bathroom. You shake your head no. She probably is new, herself. “Want to hang out with my friends at recess today?” You want to be her new friend. You say “okay!” grinning, and she sounds happier now.

Elizabeth and Ava meet you at the benches. “We just hang out and talk,” Ava explains. She sounds dull, but you guys enjoy it.

Recess ends and you find yourself in class again. Your teacher tells you what to write on the shiny, new folders. Then you need to tell the class all about you. Right before you begin (not knowing what to say), you get lucky.

“Ok, lunch!” announces the teacher.

You open you lunch box, hesitating. But this time, instead of baloney sandwiches, you get sushi. Instead of dull, non-fat potato chips, you get strawberries. Instead of carrot sticks, you get a cookie for dessert. It all seems great! Your friends have better lunches too. Ava even found ice cream in her surprise thermas!

After lunch you fill out a worksheet so your teacher can know what type of student you are. Don't worry, SSR is next! Caught up in the story, you get interupted. You cannot believe that your new teacher tells the class that you have P.E. I mean on the first day! Well, it is a good way to stay fit after you drank endless amounts of soda this summer. Although, running laps is obiously harder than being a couch potato.

When your day is done you start to think-- maybe today wasn’t that bad after all? Looks like there are some pros about going back to school after all. Maybe you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed--ish(you missed the bus remember).