Dec 4, 2017 By Shirin, 12
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It was a warm summer Friday afternoon. I quickly dressed up, grabbed the gift packet, and started running as fast as I could to my friend’s house. I had bought some sweets and a gift card for my best friend. 

My heart was beating as fast as my legs could keep pace. It was both a happy and a sad day, for I was going to spend my last few precious seconds of time with her. My BFF was moving away. We had been friends for about two years. We lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, were in the same classroom, and attended the same after-school daycare.

It was the last Thursday of May. The school year was almost over. I was thinking about how exciting it would be to go to middle school along with my BFF, Vardine. That day at daycare, we were playing on the playground. We just finished riding our favorite slide and landed on the tanbark. We got up and walked along the edge of the playground and talked about the fun things we were going to do in middle school. We laughed at our plans. Or did we?

Soon Vardine’s laugh turned into a smile, and then, it faded.

“What’s wrong? Was it something I said?” I asked.

“No Shirin. It’s time. I have been dragging myself to tell you this,” said Vardine.

“Vardine take it easy. Just tell me straight up. I can handle it,” I said.

“Shirin…I’ll be moving to Washington!,” said Vardine.

“What!!” I screamed. Those words sent a shock to my brain. “Why!!!!” I yelled.

“Shirin it’s ok everything will be fine—–I promise,” said Vardine, trying to comfort me. But she was wrong, nothing would be fine.

That night I had a dream that Vardine said that she wasn’t moving and she was going to stay with me. By the time I woke up, I realized that I was going to have to say goodbye to her soon. I stayed very quiet ever since that evening. I wasn’t acting like myself.

The next day, Vardine wasn’t at school because she had a doctor's appointment. It was just like every Friday, my dad gave me my favorite lunch, but I ate only half of it and decided to finish the rest at home. Right after that, I went to play with my other friends, Ani and Herman. However, I couldn’t and sat down instead.

“Alright that’s it, whats up?” said Ani.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh don’t pretend like we don’t know, something is bothering you,” replied Ani.

“What makes you think that,” I said trying to sound ‘ok’.

“Well you haven’t been acting like yourself since this morning,” said Herman.

“Yeah, and you didn’t even finish eating your lunch. And you never save your favorite lunch,” said Ani.

“And every time we play you just… just… stay sad!” added Herman.

“Are you just missing Vardine?” said Ani.

I sighed. “It’s not only today—waaait, didn’t Vardine tell you, already ?” I asked looking confused.

“Uh, tell us what???” asked Herman.

“Ok, I guess she didn’t tell you. Guys Vardine is moving to Washington,” I answered.

“Whaaaaaaaat!!!!????” yelled Ani.

“She said a what now—she is moving to Washington—what a—come on it’s only been two years since she met us!!!,” said Herman.

“I am pretty sure you had a bigger reaction than we did,” said Ani trying to make me feel better. I laughed a little. But I knew that wouldn’t last long. I knew I had to give her a proper send-off.

The next morning I went to Vardine’s house. When she saw me from the window she came rushing to open the door.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’m good,” I said.

“I thought since you are leaving soon maybe we should spend some more time together,” I said.

“I like that,” replied Vardine.

She came and I asked her, “Soooo, when are you leaving?” 

“Tomorrow——just kidding. I will be moving on the second Friday of June, a week before your birthday” she said.

“Oh, um, ok,” I replied sadly. Those words just made me feel worse, she wouldn’t be there to celebrate my birthday.

“Oh! Shirin look, even I didn’t like that date. I really wanted to celebrate your birthday together for one last time. But this is how it has to be and I feel terrible,” explained Vardine.

“Oh well that's how life goes,” I said. I was still very unhappy about the date. But I created a plan. On that day, it will be our last play date. I decided to give her a send-off gift on that day. But I couldn’t decide what to get her. So I got her an Amazon gift card and some special sweets that my mom made. Soon the school year ended and it was the Friday, the day of her departure. I grabbed my send-off gift and went to her house.

She was happy to see me and said, “We were just cleaning up before leaving.” I took a peek inside the house and saw that it was nearly empty.

“Ok, here, I have a gift for you,” I gave her the packet. She tried one sweet and gave a wink and a thumbs up. She packed the gift and called her little sister to play with us. We played many games together. Time passed really quickly and it was time for her to leave. Vardine slowly walked in the green grass, waving goodbye to me and left.

By the time I got home, my mood was off. That’s when my mom said, “The world is round, you’ll meet her again”. She was right I would probably meet her again. Besides, I still had my other friends Ani and Herman to save me from loneliness. But no one, and I mean no one, could replace Vardine as my BFF. We now talk over the phone whenever we get time and permission from parents. The distance may have separated us, but she still remains my best friend forever.