Eiffel Magic

Aug 24, 2015 By Sruthi, 11 Years
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Molly, a student in Mini Mountain Magic School is reaching Paris to write a story about the Eiffel Tower. After a long drive from the airport she reached an Apart hotel, walking distance from Torcy metro station. “Today is a Windy Wednesday” she said to herself.

On Thursday she went off to write about Eiffel Tower. She had just settled down, when she looked up the Eiffel Tower was missing .She turned back and she saw someone wearing a black coat with a wand. The moment that person saw Molly, she started running.

After a long chase they reached the Apart hotel. Molly was surprised. Then she realized this person as in her neighboring room. In the night Molly used her magic to see through the wall. There she saw her own teacher. Molly was so surprised that she almost fainted.

 On Friday while eating breakfast she met her teacher. They discussed this problem and her teacher admitted that when she as testing a spell it really worked, but the problem is her teacher did not know how to undo the spell.

At the end they decided to go through the ‘Book of spells’ again. While Molly was looking through the book of spells she remembered that her principal had once said, “To undo a done spell you need to say it backwards.”

Then Molly ran to her teacher’s room and explained everything. They ran towards the station, in and out the metro , to the lawn where the monument stood once. The teacher said it backwards with difficulty and the Eiffel Tower appeared back. Molly completed the book and returned back to school !