Halloween Gone Wrong

Nov 6, 2014 By Sanjana
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It was a dark and stormy morning in Houston, Texas. Shivani and I awoke to the booming and crackling sound of thunder. We were spooked out of our pajamas and hid under the blue fuzzy blanket. We dragged ourselves out of bed and went straight to my white oak desk to grab my laptop and sit on my bed.

We were in the mood to watch a movie. So we went to http://thetexastheatre.com/to see if “The Fault in Our Stars” was released. We felt excited because we had been anxious for weeks to see the movie. We chose the five o’ clock show and planned to arrive at the theater early so as to claim great seats. Afterwards we were starving, so we ran downstairs. We could smell chocolate chip pancakes cooking from the top of the stairs. As we poured the thick maple syrup on the pancakes, our hands became all sticky. We glanced at our watches and realized we were late for school. We ran upstairs and changed our clothes as fast as Husain Bolt could run.

As we reached school, we agreed to meet after my cheer practice. Since today was Halloween, Coach Maddie gave us green gooey cotton candy. Practice ended at 4:45P.M. and I threw on my shorts and shirt backwards! We literally had to run to the theater and barely made it. Thank god the line was short. The odds were in our favor. We noticed as we sat in the theater, it was surprisingly empty for a new release on a Friday night. After the movie ended, there was nobody in the theater. We realized the exit door was locked. As we tried to open the door my phone battery died and Shivi’s cell had fallen when we were running to the theater. We had no way of contacting anyone! Every door was locked and we had no idea what to do. After grabbing the closest heavy item I could find, I rammed through the glass pane of the front door.

When we walked home, the entire city was dark. I rang the doorbell but no one answered. I found the hidden key under the doormat and unlocked the door. Blind as a cat, I finally found the keyhole. When we entered, all we could hear was the faint sound of a baby crying.  We scrambled our way upstairs to find the origin of the suspicious sound. Oddly, we found a baby monitor in my brother’s bedroom closet. Afterwards, we somehow made our way to my room to put on our handmade Halloween costumes.

On our way downstairs I looked around for flashlights. Shivani grabbed the monitor as I hustled out the back door. Finally we were able to find our way around. A few minutes later the lights came back on. Shivani and I were overjoyed, but I couldn’t help wondering where the baby monitor came from.

Desperately jogging through town looking for our family, we saw a cute young couple walking on the other side of the road. My best friend and I felt so much safer when we saw the happy couple. We were hungry so we decided go to Minnie’s Café to grab a strawberry milkshake and curly fries. As we were about to sit down everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!” Shivani and I screamed with fear and delight. Overjoyed for such a fantastic “friendaversery”.  Everyone congratulated us on our dear friendship, yet the baby monitor lurked in our minds.

It was then I noticed my Aunt Sally holding her new infant boy in a shirt and jean overalls. She mentioned she had lunch at our house and by mistaken had left the baby monitor in our upstairs bedroom. Apparently we had heard the cries of the little boy as they were exiting the back door. It suddenly occurred to me that Halloween had gone… right!