Halloween Horrors

Jun 3, 2017 By Nikhil
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Everyone was waiting patiently in their seats, pretending to listen to the teachers long and rather boring lecture, waiting for the loud noise, signalling that school was over. I knew for sure that Party City would be filled to the brim with people and their kids. I also knew that right after school, everyone would be racing there,. “Biiiiing, booooong, biiiiing, booooong”. There it was,. aAll the kids were racing to their parents so that they could go home and get all of last year’s leftover candy from the pantry, put it in a big bowl, and put it in front of the door. I was one of them. I could see my dad, towering over the other parents, wearing his plaid shirt and jeans. I couldn’t wait for all of my friends to come over, mostly because for the next week, I was going to be sugar high and that was the thing that annoyed my mom the most. We were especially hyper anyways.

My backpack straps were dangling dangerously close to my feet. Suddenly, I felt a tug on my right foot. The ground was racing towards my face. I didn’t know what was happening. At that point, my human instincts kicked in and I shielded my face with my right knee. An then the pain. The ground hit my knee at full speed, and it was the blacktop, so there were tiny rocks scattered everywhere. I was shrieking with pain, and tears were coming down my eyes.

My teacher and my dad were rushing towards me with a first aid kit, asking, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” Despite a big, red blotch on my knee, I was thinking, “If you ask ‘Are you okay’ so many times, the phrase loses its meaning” That made some of the tears stop falling down my face. As my dad and my teacher were treating my knee by putting antiseptic and band-aids, another thought came to mind, “What about trick-or-treating!? My leg hurts so much that I won't be able to go!” But then the lazy part of me said, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there” So I leaned on my dad, got my backpack, and got into the car.​

At home, I was doing my homework, my knee was still hurting, but not as much as before, and my mom came home from work. I asked her, “Can I go trick-or-treating today? I tripped and fell on my knee and it hurts” She said, “Yeah, whatever, it doesn’t look that bad anyways” I was really excited for trick-or-treating because I really liked dressing up in costumes and potentially scaring my friends. When the doorbell first rang, I was ready in my bones costume, and my mom was standing at the front door with her basket of candies in hand. She opened the door and said, “Come in and have a seat on the couch” It was the same process for the next 4 people, and finally the last person came. My mom announced to the whole group, “It’s time to go trick-or-treating, everyone!”

We started our hunt for candy through the neighborhood with one of my best friends’ dad, Siva. He was chaperoning us even though we insisted that we were old and independent enough to go by ourselves. The first half hour was going great. We were racing from house to house, gathering as much loot as we could, and racing to the next one, all the while Shiva was yelling, “Slow down! Slow down! I am too old to be running after you kids!” In the fray of things, I forgot all about my knee hurting, but after half an hour of running, my knee started to hurt really badly. Luckily, I had a phone, and I called my mom. When I asked her to come pick me up, she said, “Oh, I'm sure that it’s nothing. Finish trick-or-treating and then we’ll look at it after.”​​

I didn't think that way because it was hurting really bad (it was really, really hurting), and I asked another one of my friends to call his dad, Michael, and pick me up, and he did. He felt really sorry for me, and he even took me to the hospital. The front desk at the hospital called my dad, who didn't know what was going on, he came right away. After three quarters of an hour of waiting and paining, we got into the hospital. In those three quarters of an hour, I was filling in my dad in on everything, from my conversation with my mom to my knee practically exploding, to Michael picking me up.

After all of that, he said, “After this X-ray, I can take you to the ice cream shop across the street to take your mind off of your knee.” And that's exactly what we did. The doctors said that the only way that we could find out if anything was broken, because nothing appeared out of the ordinary on the outside. My dad always thinks that they just say these things for the money, but this time we had no other choice. They took an X-ray of my right knee, and the results were horrendous. There was a big crack running down the middle of my knee. If I hadn't gone trick-or-treating, the injuries would have been minor. They said I couldn't do P.E in school for another three weeks until this healed and I had to use crutches.

Me and my friends always used to make fun of people with crutches. Now I realised how much they had to deal with. The doctors gave us a copy of the X-ray to take home. We got a big bowl of ice cream before we got home, and when we did get home, it was 10:00 in the night, and I went to sleep with my new crutches leaning on the side of my bed.