Island Of Adventure - Part 1

Feb 11, 2015 By Ella, 12
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I’m drowning. I’m slowly sinking down into the stone cold depths of the sea. No! This isn’t right. I struggle upwards, swimming towards the surface of the water, kicking as hard as I can. My heavy waterlogged clothes weigh me down, but finally I break the surface of the water.

I tread water, gasping and coughing up salt water. I blink the water from my eyes and look around for shore. I see it, just a little way off, a small stretch of beach. I begin to swim. I need to find a way to get back home! I don’t know how I got here. One minute I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and the next minute I was drowning in the middle of the ocean.

I reach shore and drag myself up onto the warm, sandy beach. I look around. the landscape is picturesque, with the beach, a couple of palm trees, a field of grass and wildflowers a little way off. The sky is blue and cloudless and a little way off. The sky is blue and cloudless and a light breeze rustles the leaves of the palm trees.

However nice it is, I should still find out where I am, and how to get home. A clue to where I am reveals itself just a little ways away. I see a small, wooden sign reading: “Welcome to the Island of Adventure. This is Alligator Bay.”

I only have a minute to puzzle over the name, when I hear a spashing sort of sound coming from the water like something swimming fast towards me. I turn to the water and see a big, green creature swimming through the water to shore. I am no longer wondering why this place is called Alligator Bay.

I begin to run, heading towards the field of grass and wildflowers. I look up to see a huge alligator emerging from the water and chasing me towards the field. I run faster and enter the field. As I hurry in, I have just long enough to read another sign ad I enter the field. This one says: “Beware; you are now entering the Plains of Hidden Fears.” The moment I pass the sign, I trip over a root and fall to the ground. I try to get up but my foot is stuck under the root! The alligator is coming closer and closer! I desperately try to yank my foot free, but it’s stuck fast! I close my eyes, waiting for the clamp of the alligator’s jaws around my neck. But it doesn’t come.

I open my eyes and look up. The alligator has stopped a few feet away, right next to the sign. I think of what the sign said: “Beware, you are now entering the Plains of Hidden Fears.” Maybe the alligator is afraid of the plains. No, that doesn’t make sense. Why would the alligator be afraid of the plains? What fears could possibly be hidden here? Besides, alligators can’t read! But then why would the alligator chase me, then stop when it reached the plains. Then I hear a shuffling noise and see the alligator slowly lumbering back towards the water, it’s tail dragging dejectedly on the ground.

I hear another noise then, a noise that strikes fear into my heart. A noise that makes me shiver with fright. Slithering. The sound of a snake slithering thru grass. I know it’s silly, but I’m terrified of snakes. I know I should get away, but I can’t. I’m frozen with terror. Finally I see the snake. It’s long and green with a triangular head and long fangs. I can tell just by looking at it that it’s poisonous.

Now I do get up and run, as far away from the snake as possible. I’ve only gone a few yards when I hear hissing from in front of me. Another snake! I turn to run in another direction and hear more hissing. I hear the snakes, now from every direction like they’re closing in on me. I close my eyes, cover my cover my ears and run blindly through the field, trying to get away from the snakes!

Stumbling and tripping I finally make my way out of the field of snakes and collapse onto the ground.

Continued in Part 2...